Monday, April 10, 2017

Tournament Updates

Hello Everyone!

We've been receiving a lot of questions as to when are next tournament is, and how come we haven't held any events. No worries, we haven't shut our doors. We will resume holding tournaments soon. We generally plan out our tournament schedule in November for the following year. Well the President of NMCO graciously took us to lunch to so that we could plan out year together, ensuring we didn't have any conflicting dates and we could enjoy mutual prosperity. We gave NMCO first pick of the dates, which in retrospect was a bit of mistake because they didn't set their dates until past our agreed upon deadline. Once the dates were set, they ended up changing from what we had discussed.

By the time they had everything set in stone, it was too late for us to plan anything :(. However, I personally attended a board meeting of theirs on 3/28 where they finally set a date for the NM Open/State Championship. It was set for the weekend of November 10th, 2017.  It was voted on by the board, so we are very excited to finally get a date set in stone, we can now start planning our tournaments for the second half of the year. 

We hope to see all of you soon!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Autumn Open - Upcoming Events Update

Autumn Open is canceled.

Unfortunately, our commitment to the election is getting in the way of this event too.  For now, we have decided it be best to cancel all events until next year.  So we can properly advertise and support these events to ensure their success.

I would like to add, these were tentative events, until they are posted on one of our three sites (FB, this blog, or or chess life, no event is official. 

Also, we recognize that some of us still need to play some chess.  So we are looking to hold a small tournament by the end of the year for 12 players, 2 round robin sections.  We won't publicize this event, but it is open to all.  We will call it an invitational, and you would like to be invited to this event email us at  If that doesn't appeal to you, Will Barela will be holding an event down south in December. 

Happy Holidays Everyone.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Upcoming Events

Hello Everyone.  I've been getting some questions about Charlie’s upcoming events, and I will address those inquires now. 

The quads on the 22nd are canceled. 

 As we all know, it’s an election year and at the height of campaign season.  It’s a close race, and a couple of weeks ago, I was asked to come in help last minute with the election. Please don’t ask to what capacity or for whom. I don’t discuss politics, and don’t particularly care to be publicly associated with any of the candidates.

I mainly contribute on the weekend, and I am scheduled to work on the 22nd, but I am off on the 23rd.  Someone had brought up a possible idea of holding a quick tournament at God Father’s pizza, I liked the idea and had hoped it would replace the quad. So I waited to announce the cancelation of the quad.  Spoke to the individual who was going to talk to God Father’s last week, and was informed we wouldn’t have enough space to accommodate more than a few people.  I’ve been in that restaurant a few times, and it’s rather empty most of the time, so I figured I would go in and talk to them myself, and I did so yesterday.  Well that was an interesting conversation, they said yes, sure, maybe, and come back next week.  I don’t really feel like I can’t rely on that.  So the event is just canceled.  L

The Autumn Open schedule next month, its three weeks away, so is it going to happen?  Probably, but the format or date might be changed.  I will have definite word by next Thursday but possibly as early as Sunday, so expect another post on the final verdict on the Autumn Open in the coming days.

Either way, Charlie will set up some chess to be played in these last few months of the year.